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New songs now available

AUGUST 21, 2014


Roxy releases a self-titled EP with five new songs! Visit the music page here.

Live on KSON-FM 97.2 and 92.1

JULY 22, 2014


Roxy paid a return visit to John and Tammy in the Morning in San Diego CA for the "Write a Tune Tuesday" segment. Callers called in with song ideas and Roxy had one hour to write a song and perform it live on the air. Check it out HERE. The theme was "Comic Con!"

Live on KSON-FM 97.2 and 92.1

APRIL 1, 2014


Roxy joined John and Tammy in the Morning in San Diego CA for the "Write a Tune Tuesday" segment. Callers called in with song ideas and Roxy had one hour to write a song and perform it live on the air. Check it out HERE. And tune in on Tuesday July 22nd when Roxy makes a return visit to KSON!

Got Country Online
AUGUST 12, 2013


Can you think of a strong teen female singer-songwriter role model? Being a mom and teacher, I know how important actions are in influencing children (and adults too). So it was very refreshing when I came across an article in our local paper about such an artist – Roxy King. CLICK HERE

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Pomerado News
AUGUST 1, 2013

The first time people hear Poway resident Roxy King play guitar and sing at a coffeehouse, they put down their iced lattes and concentrate on her soft voice and gentle demeanor...  CLICK HERE

Vents Magazine

FEBRUARY 17, 2013

Interview with Roxy King  CLICK HERE

Pop Culture Madness Magazine

OCTOBER 10, 2012

"It’s rare to see an artist who combines this level of talent with so much ambition at any age, let alone 16. That combination is often a recipe for success and longevity in the music business. Roxy King in an artist clearly destined for great things!"  



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That Music Magazine

JUNE 21, 2012

Headline: "Award-winning songwriter, Roxy King"  CLICK HERE

Skope Entertainment Magazine

JULY 24, 2012by Stoli​

"I could not have (interviewed) a more lively, talented, and exciting musician than Roxy King out of San Diego, CA. Please know that Roxy King is not even 17 but she has done more in music than most will ever do. She has the got the “total package” I always talk about plus ambition and discipline." For full feature story  CLICK HERE

JUNE 20, 2012 by Kevin Kozel

“Roxy King is currently 16 years old and is a singer/songwriter who plays keyboard, guitar, piano, and flute...Pretty impressive stuff; I think that’s what many of us call an overachiever...She can write a good pop song, or a good rock song, which will give her future albums a nice balance… As a maturing artist, it sounds like Roxy King is capable of writing hit songs for years to come.”  


2012 Teen Superstar

MAY 25, 2012

Roxy is named one of ten finalists competing for the "2012 Teen Superstar" title at the San Diego Fair.

Show Review: WorldFest LA

MAY 2012 by Elle Lewis

Roxy's talent goes beyond her surprising emotional maturity and precocious confidence onstage.  Roxy is a true musician, with a well-developed artistic voice and musical chops as well as a powerful voice.  She clearly immerses herself in her songcraft.  Her songs  have been tempered with both raw vulnerability and hard work with the result that the audience gets so wrapped up in her performance that they forget her youth.   She is definitely one to watch. - Elle Lewis, WorldFest Coordinator & Los Angeles Academy of Music College Admissions Director/Instructor

Standout Artist Award


"Muddled" named a 2011 Standout by Netteradio, an internet radio show dedicated to promoting independent female musicians!

I Am Entertainment Magazine

DEC 2011 by Senseitional

At just 15 years old, Roxy King is a talented young singer who has a promising future ahead of her in the music business. The teen pop artist has a better voice than many adult superstar singers I've heard and her new album, ARRIVAL, offers 12 tracks of fun, youthful music.
My favorite song by Roxy is Muddled. A shoe-in for Radio Disney, this song is a hit waiting to happen.  On the song, Roxy shows off her great singing voice and infectious personality, bringing serious energy and clearing up any doubt that one might have about young singers like her. The songs catchy chorus line almost forces you to sing along and you'll find yourself singing this song's melody when you're not even listening to it. The music production is great too. The awesome guitars, bass, and drums all work together with Roxy's awesome voice to help make this song a potential chart topper.
Overall, ARRIVAL is a very good project for any young girl whose parents are looking for something "safe." This would be a great stocking stuffer and I recommend Roxy King.


Nexus Magazine

NOV/DEC 2011 by Amber Terrell

Award-winning singer-songwriter and Boulder County resident, Roxy King, isn't waiting to finish high school before launching her career.  At fifteen, Roxy has already appeared in the movie Serotonin Rising along with her songs, which were part of the film's soundtrack.  And she has opened for acts such as Nashville stars James Slater and Tim Nichols.  Her debut album, Arrival, released August 2011, is bursting with great lyrics, wonderful vocals, and a little bit of edge and attitude.  My favorite, Still I Can Dream, was awarded Best Song by Music Connection Magazine. Delightfully fresh music for dancing, driving, jogging, or just fun listening, and a great gift item for the holidays. Available at and

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